Getting a surprisingly large electricity bill can be frightening, especially when you can't afford to pay it. Nearly 20% of Aussie's were unable to pay their bill on time in the last 12 months. But there are ways to think ahead, plan and save. We've put together this info sheet to help you reduce the shock! Download a copy here.




The average Australian household spends $50 per week on energy needs. How big your bill is will depend on factors such as: how big your home is, the number of people living there, what appliances you use and how you cool or heat your home. 


Turn it off! Don't leave your lights, heaters, air conditioning, TV's or other electrical items running when not in use. Switch off your chargers and electronic devices off at the wall and don't leave your charger plugged in.

Reduce your hot water. Wash your clothes in cold water (at off-peak times). Only run full loads and take shorter showers.

Change your lighting. Switch to lamps, use energy efficient light bulbs and open the blinds to make use of natural light. Turn off the lights in all rooms you aren't using and don't leave porch lights running.

Minimise your cooling/heating expenses by closing doors to regulate room temperatures and dress for the seasons, you may not need the heater if you're wearing a jumper and slippers! Close your blinds during the day in summer and open in winter. Make sure windows/vents are closed (to heat).

Set your air-conditioner no higher than 20°C in winter and no lower than 25°C in summer. You will save on every 1°C.

Dry clothes naturally rather than in the dryer where possible.

Set your fridge to 4°C and your freezer to minus 18°C.

Shop around. Compare energy providers online using your current bill and get the best deal.


Check you are receiving any government rebates you might be eligible for here.


You can pay as you go. Set up a regular small payment to your provider to avoid the nasty shock of a giant bill each quarter. You can set this up from your bank, wages or directly through Centrepay.


We can help you setup a budget to avoid you getting into trouble or to help you move out of it.

Go to: www.c3cares.com.au/enquiries, email: c3cares@myc3church.net or phone: [02] 9972 8688.