From a chat on the phone to organising a team training, you won't have to start from scratch - we are here to help!

We've prepared and shared all our info to help locations get started at the login page of this website.

Downloads available include: forms, logo's, graphics and training procedures, to make the process really simple. 


To get in contact with Ps Carly and the team or to access to these online resources

email: and we'll send you the password. 

You can also download a speakers bio here.

We believe in the transforming power of Christ and are excited to share the good news with our communities. 

We are constantly encouraged by the stories and feedback from C3 Church locations that have started outreach services.

So many people have been helped practically as teams have gone out and extended a hand of friendship and hope.


"Don't write them off. go get them. 

bring them back and you will have rescued precious lives."

James 5:20 (msg)


C3 Cares is our congregation 'being Jesus' in our city.

Acts of kindness are more powerful than miracles in opening hearts to Christ.

We constantly see so many people coming to Christ through this ministry,

and so many of our believers finding their calling in reaching out to people in need.

Pastor Phil Pringle


Where do you have your C3CARES services?

We find that community halls that are near public transport work very well for this kind of service and many of our guests don't have their own vehicles. We also meet in parks and in existing Church buildings.

How many do I need in the team?

A team of 10 or more would be ideal, however some of our locations operate simply and easily with less. Roles include: cooks, servers, street team, welcome and ministry teams, worship  (or CD) and speaker. The more team you have the more than can be allocated to the street team and connecting. 

How do you promote the services?

* Flyers in Centrelink and local support agencies help get the word out to people who could use some support.

* Letterbox drop's are successful in some areas.  

* Street teams at train stations, bus stops and shopping centres who invite people up the service on the day often make the best connections.

* Text reminders are sent to help remind guests of the next dates.

Who attends?

Guests may attend outreach services for a variety of reasons - the may be facing food insecurity or homelessness, the might be new arrivals to Australia or might simply be lonely and isolated and looking for community. We make our meals and services available to everyone and then offer further specialised assistance to those with higher needs.

How regularly do you run the services?

They run weekly, fortnightly or monthly at different locations, depending on team availability and resources.


What does the runsheet look like?

Usually we provide the meal and a time to connect and mingle with new visitors first, we often play a C3 CD during this time or have live worship music. Then we introduce the evening before a short 10-15min message of hope and prayer of salvation. We finish the service with some fun by giving away the hampers and drawing any giveaways last.

How do you cater the event? Do people RSVP?

We have food teams that prepare meals (spaghetti, curries, salad etc) and serve them at the venue. We also use local BBQ’s. People don’t RSVP as we get lots of walk-ins. We estimate 60 meals on average when we are unsure of service size and have a back up plan if it blows out. We always serve the food to people to ensure it’s fairly distributed.


How many people normally attend?

We usually see between 10-80 community guests. These numbers make it possible to meet, mingle and build relationships with people. We don't aim for large numbers, we aim for great connections.

How do you follow people up?

Guests are invited to complete a visitor form when they arrive for the first time and a mini prize card if they're returning (we also use these forms for the prize draw at the end). They let us know of the services people might be interested in (playgroup, food or clothing help, life skills courses, events etc) and help us with a point of connection when following up. We make sure everyone receives a follow up call after the event and are sent text invitations to come along again.


What CHURCH Pastors are saying...

"The C3Cares program at our location has been nothing short of brilliant. It has been so great as a Church to reach out to our local community and offer something that has seen such a huge amount of foot traffic of those in need enter into our church and receive help.


Not only have these community members received help for their physical needs with food and clothing but more importantly they have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ with such a huge percentage responding to this message and receiving Jesus as there Saviour.


Our church members have so enjoyed being involved with C3Cares and it has activated so many volunteers. C3Cares is definitely meeting a huge need in the community."

Ps Hartley & Natalie Taylor
C3 Church Silverwater

"Our C3 Cares service has been pivotal in the growth of our Campus which has experienced 40% growth in the last 12 months.


For sometime we have had a burden to reach our community in a way which would really meet needs and also transform lives. What we have seen since starting our Cares service is a rapid increase in salvations and visitors on a regular basis in every Care service we run and also flowing into our Sunday service.


C3Cares provides an environment where lost people can find God in a very practical way. Our cares Team are literally inviting people off the street into our community lunch and they are being saved as they here a message of Hope, which most have never heard before.


This is the most fruitful ministry we have every had in the life of our church!"

Ps David Barter
C3 Church Penrith




This community outreach masterclass from Presence Conference 2017, 

featuring Ps Cathie Green and Ps Carly Lewis, is now available on the C3 iCard. 


Click here to download from C3 Store.