You will need a resume for nearly every job you apply for. It should be up-to-date, specific to the job you are applying for and available in both paper and electronic versions. Download our info sheet here.



1. List your work, study, skills and experiences that would make you valuable to an employer.

2. Speak to relevant people to request you submit their name as a referee.

3. Get attention with a bold use of layout. Ensure details and email address is presented with clarity and professionalism. Avoid gimmicky fonts and use colour conservatively.


4. Include a statement about yourself and what you bring to the job. Link it to the job description.


5. List key skills to make it easy to see what you have to offer.


6. List where and when your previous experience occurred with the most recent. Use action verbs   at the start of each point. List any successes and specify numerically. Avoid too many bullet points.


7. Summarise your education clearly with school names, dates, courses etc.


8. Provide referee details and avoid using ‘available on request.’


9. Check there are no misspelt words or grammatical errors.




Use: Sets goals, achieves deadlines, works well with others, implements creative solutions, coordinates tasks, good communication skills, good attention to detail, excellent time management, positive attitude, proactive, technical skills, responsible for, honest, reliable, successfully trained, improved productivity etc.

Avoid: Listing problems, blaming others, irrelevant details, personal or family details.




1. Specify why you are contacting them and clearly communicate why you'd make a good candidate.


2. Your resume already has your experience, use your cover letter to tie your experience directly into what you could achieve in this new role.  Use keywords from the job description in your pitch.


3. Ask for an interview e.g. “I would be very interested in the opportunity to speak to you about how I may contribute….” Avoid using phrases like ‘I’d love to.’ Keep it professional.


4. Mention your contact details and that you have attached your resume.


5. Format it in a similar style to your resume.



We can help check and improve your resume if you need help. Go to:, email: or phone: [02] 9972 8688.


Download our free resume template here.